ADD Cure Alternative Treatment

ADD cure with alternative treatment

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and any other behavioral disorder cannot be treated using drugs because drugs can only suppress the ADD symptoms. This does not settle the problem from the root. Besides, drugs have horrible side effects such as growth disturbance or growth stagnation. So, the best way to cure ADD or any other behavioral disorder is using a natural treatment.

The only one alternative treatment that I suggest is by using Neuro acupuncture treatment from Chinese Master. This is the best way that I know can cure ADD syndrome naturally. Many people from all around the world had come to him for treatment. All of them got an excellent result.

Chinese Master is an expert in treating ADD children and any other disorder. Many ADD children who have undergone ADD treatment from Chinese Master already live like normal children. The treatment method used by Chinese Master is ADD Neuro Acupuncture Treatment.

Acupuncture is a treatment technique where a very fine needles being pricked at acupuncture points on patient’s body.

For ADD children, the needles will be pricked on the head so that it can stimulate back the energy flow in the brain by connecting back the neurons which are not connected.

This ADD Neuro Acupuncture treatment takes about one hour per session. Chinese Master recommends his patients to do three sessions of neuro acupuncture treatment in one day together with taking herbal medicine known as ‘Brain Powder’. By undergoing three sessions of acupuncture treatment and taking ‘Brain Powder’ everyday, improvement can be seen in a short time.

However, the treatment period for a child is dependent on the severity of their ADD symptoms. If the child is being sent late for ADD treatment, then the treatment period become longer. But, what can be seen at every session is an improvement.



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